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Built to use less energy

To the best of our knowledge, ELKAtherm electric radiators are the most efficient in the world. Their unique design and construction means you can warm a whole room with just a little electricity.

The ingenious, fluted design multiplies each radiator’s effective surface area by five – spreading warmth evenly throughout the room using convection and radiation – while the high-grade ceramic core distributes heat across the whole surface. In short, you get much more heat from each Watt of power.


Easy control reduces waste

There’s no cheaper energy than the part you don’t use – and because ELKAtherm radiators are so easy to control from anywhere, you’ll naturally waste less.

Quite simply, you can adjust the heat in each room, wherever you are. So you don’t run up bills heating empty rooms. If you go out, switching off the heating’s easy – and you can warm up your house again before you come home.

Cheaper daytime electricity

Because you don’t need to charge ELKAtherm radiators overnight, there’s no need for an Economy 7 electricity tariff.

(Although cheap overnight electricity seems attractive, Economy 7 also raises your peak time electricity costs as much as 50%, increasing the cost of everything from ironing, to watching TV, to making a cup of tea. More here…)

“Temperature control in every room is marvellous, and the cheaper electricity bills are a bonus!”

Mrs Smith, Exeter

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