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Elkatherm German Electric Radiators in Somerset, Devon & Perranporth

Your home is as unique as you are. And with 60 different sizes, 192 colours and slimline widths from 8cm to 13cm, ELKAtherm radiators can fit – and look perfect – in virtually any space.
With so much choice, you might need some help. Our designer has years of experience in helping homeowners get the most from their heating, and achieving the look they want.

Shapes and sizes

With some ELKAtherm radiators just 8cm deep, and both low-profile and tall-and-thin options in our range, we can help you maximise the space in your home. And because of the high surface area, even a small wall-mounted unit often has ample output for your room.

To find out more, see our guide to radiator styles.

192 colours to choose from

If you’re feeling bold – or want to achieve a particular look or colour scheme – our choice of 192 RAL colours gives you every chance of finding the perfect shade.

You’ll find our radiator colour chart, here.

We're here to help

Our experienced surveyor will listen carefully to your aspirations, and send you a free, no-obligation design to match your lifestyle, your budget and your home.

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Electric Radiator Installation Somerset
Energy Efficient Electric Radiators Perranporth

Economy & Efficiency

ELKAtherm make the most energy efficient electric radiators in the world.
Temperature Control Elkatherm Radiators Somerset

Unparalleled Control

ELKAtherm radiators let you control your temperature instantly – to within 0.5°C
Electric Radiator For Home in Devon

25-Year Guarantee

ELKAtherm electric radiators are hand-built by experienced German engineers
“We were pleasantly surprised that we didn’t need as many radiators as we thought. Yet still had enough to heat all the rooms exactly as we wanted.”
Louisa Chanter
How efficient are these heaters?
They have an A++ EU efficiency rating. 100% of electricity consumed is returned into your room as heat. No energy is lost by heat sitting within the product and not distributing effectibely into the room like some other electric heating products.
Only in the sense that 100% of electricity consumed is turned into energy. This energy doesn’t have to be heat for a product to be efficient. It could be released as anything else. Steam from an electric kettle for example; this isn’t water that ends up in your cup, but you’re still paying for it. Some electric heaters have an input that is more than their output because heat is lost in the process. So, you still pay for the energy it takes to create heat that gets lost. With ELKAtherm heaters, no heat is lost. 100% of heat is effectively distributed into the room. As it retains heat for a relitaively long period of time even when not drawing electicity, this also makes it more effective and economical. Furthermore it wouldn’t be possible to rate electric products for efficiency, as is done now, if all products were the same efficiency. The most important question is how effective the product is, and that hinges on design. To use a simple example, let’s look at a steam iron. Steam irons may all be designed to do the same job, but some produce better results than others in a faster timeframe. Some are also able to produce better results than others at a lower energy intake (kilowatage). So, it makes more sense to choose a product that can perform the action you need it to in the quickest time, at the lowest kilowattage. That’s economical. Radiator design is exactly the same principal.
Yes, we can dispose of and recycle old heating systems. If this is something you require it can be discussed during the free survey. If you need old night storage removed, this may have to be done by a specialist if it contains asbestos but this is something we can help to arrange.

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