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You can choose traditional, set-and-forget dial controls, a wall-mounted panel, or our popular HeatApp, which lets you adjust your heating from your computer, tablet or phone.

Heatapp: total control, from anywhere

If you like, you can choose our HeatApp, to control your heating using your computer, tablet or smartphone. It lets you:

  • Adjust your heating from anywhere (even if it’s only the sofa).
  • See where and when you’re spending money, and reduce waste.
  • Easily program each heater individually.
  • Warm your home before you arrive.

If you’d like to know more, see our HeatApp brochure here.



Independently tested and approved

We asked the independent experts at the Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) to test how accurately ELKAtherm radiators control the temperature.

They found the radiators keep an even, consistent warmth to within 0.5°C of the set level – no matter where you are in the room. (If you’d like to read the report, you can download it with our compliments.)

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