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That means Economy 7 increases the cost of everything from watching television to making a cup of tea by as much as 50%.

But is it an efficient way to heat your home? We put it to the test.

Real-life comparison: ELKAtherm vs Economy 7 night storage heating

We added up the electricity bills in a well-insulated, two-bedroom bungalow in Holsworthy, Devon – for a full 12 months before and after switching from night storage heating to ELKAtherm electric radiators. The results were clear.

Even before non-heating savings from switching to a flat-rate tariff, ELKAtherm radiators reduced our customer’s heating costs by 28% (and her electricity use by two thirds).


Real-life comparison

ELKAtherm vs night storage heating

We compared electricity bills in a well insulated, two-bedroom bungalow in Holsworthy, Devon, for a full 12 months before and after changing from night storage to ELKAtherm electric heating.

The Result:

In a small home ELKAtherm saved our customer £199.55 per year.

Night Storage heater

Night storage heating costs
12,740 units of off peak electricity used for heating creating 5,555kg CO2
12 Month cost = £700.70

ELKAtherm heater

ELKAtherm heating costs
4,205 units of flat rate electricity used for heating creating 1,873kg CO2
12 Month cost = £501.15

“My monthly electricity payment has reduced from £130 to £51; the new radiators will pay for themselves.”

Mrs Richards, Plymouth

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