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How To Save Money On Heating Your Home

Save Money On Heating Your Home in Perranporth

Wondering how to save money on heating your home? This handy guide will tell you what you need to know.

Keeping your family warm throughout the winter period can feel like an uphill battle, especially when you have one eye on your finances. While it’s inevitable that your bills will be more expensive than they are in the summer months, knowing how to save money on heating your home will help you manage the situation. In fact, the right steps will aid the efficiency levels all year long.

How much do UK homeowners spend on heating?

An average UK home spends £1,138 on energy each year. While this isn’t solely attributed to heating, it is a significant feature – not least during the winter months. And millions of homes are guilty of wasting hundreds of pounds due to poor practices.

The harsh reality is that a significant level of overspend is caused due to unnecessary energy levels. As a general rule of thumb, heat is lost via the following outlets;

  • 35% the walls,
  • 30% the windows and door frames,
  • 25% the roof,
  • 10% flooring.

Taking control of the situation will save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and improve the comfort of your home as the heating will be felt with greater results.

Top tips on how to save money heating your home

If you want to save money on your heating bills, your main goals will be to;

  • Use less energy,
  • Waste less energy,
  • Pay less for energy.

Here are some of the best tips that will help you gain control of the situation. Once the right systems and habits are in place, the results can be enjoyed for years to come.

#1. Service your heating systems

If your boiler isn’t running at optimal efficiency, it will cost you money. Likewise, if there is a leak in the plumbing or there is an issue with your radiators, this will be reflected by your bills. Having a Gas Safe engineer run annual services will save you money in the long run.

Similarly, if the boiler or heating facilities are outdated, it pays to have them upgraded. It requires an initial outlay, but you will get this back over time.

#2. Improve insulation in the home

As mentioned above, a large percentage of your heat energy is literally being thrown out of the window, door frames, roof, etc. Adding extra layers of insulation to the most vulnerable areas is hugely beneficial.

Covering sash windows, or installing double glazing can work wonders. Roof insulation, draft excluders, and thicker curtains can work well too. Keeping doors shut and using rugs can improve the savings further.

#3. Use additional heat sources to your advantage

Even in the winter months, natural sunlight can be your greatest ally. Open the curtains on a sunny day to let the sun’s rays warm up your rooms. Close them at night time to create an extra layer of insulation.

Similarly, if you have the oven on for baking and cooking, the heat can warm up the kitchen space. Once you’ve finished, leaving the oven door slightly open extends the duration of the benefits.

#4. Choose better heating systems

If you have been using the same outdated heating systems for many years, even when they are in good health, the outdated tech means reduced efficiency and increased bills.

It is often easier to find energy-efficient electric heating solutions, but even homeowners sticking to gas heating should be keen to update their products to match the latest advancements in tech that will offer benefits.

#5. Install a Smart thermostat or app

On the theme of advanced heating tech features, a Smart tech thermostat can work wonders. Being able to control your heating more accurately 

This puts an end to the days of forgetting to turn the heating down when you are not home. Given that even a couple of degrees could reduce your energy bills by 10%, this is one of the best home tech investments available.

#6. Insulate water cylinders

Combi boiler owners won’t need to worry about this issue. However, conventional boilers with a hot water cylinder can benefit greatly from a water cylinder jacket. This is an extra layer of insulation that stops heat from escaping.

In turn, this means that the water stored in the water cylinder requires less frequent heating before the water is transported to the radiators and heaters. It’s a small investment that can bring a significant saving.

#7. Choose the right energy supplier

Reducing your energy usage is one thing, but you can also reduce your bills simply by getting a cheaper rate. Whether you use gas or electric heating, choosing the right energy supplier could shave a three-figure fee from your annual bill.

A simple price comparison and a few phone calls will help you find the perfect supplier and tariff for your requirements. 

#8. Be consistent

Finally, any winning habits utilised to reduce your energy bills must be used consistently. There is little point in cutting your energy usage for a few days.

Likewise, you must continue to turn items off when they aren’t in use as leaving them on standby or low running will waste energy. For example, turning off spare room radiator when you don’t need it.

Heating a property isn’t cheap, but doing it in the most effective ways can keep your bills at a manageable level. With the right habits and endeavours to stop heat from leaving the building, you will notice a significant impact on both the temperature in your home and your bank account.

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