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Experts in the South West

Since 2009 we’ve now completed over 3,000 installations across the South West, and we value that experience.  With that many satisfied customers personal recommedations are common, and we value that too.


One Day Installations

On fitting day we take out your old system and put in your new one; and if needed we update the electrics too.  A large family home can be fitted in one day and, because there’s no pipework to fit, there’s very little upheaval.


German Engineering

Elkatherm have been crafting heaters in Germany for more than 60 years.  Each heater is still constructed by hand and tested by hand: their 25 year clay core guarantee comes from pedigree and is given with confidence.

Our 3 Point Promise

Our peace of mind promise comes through…

1. Transparency

Clearing confusion


It’s a jungle out there, but being endorsed by ‘Which?’ as a ‘Trusted Trader‘ speaks for itself .  It echoes our belief that informed and protected shoppers make satisfied customers, and we do everything we can to support your choice and ensure your satisfaction. The endorsement recognises us as a reputable trader who has successfully passed Which?’s rigorous assessment process.

2. Warmth

From products to people

With five times the surface area of an equivalent flat fronted heater, you’re guaranteed a warm home.  And when it comes to the staff at the office, the surveyor in your home or the install team on fitting day, you’re sure to find us cheery and helpful.  We are warm experts.

3. Quality

Inspiring confidence

It took months of market research before we finally selected the heater manufacturer we wanted as our partner.  To many it’s no surprise that this research led to Germany.  What may come as a surprise is that the Henrich family have been heating homes for 61 years: that’s experience.  Every ceramic element in every ELKAtherm® heater is still tested by hand: that’s care.

Total Control

Set-and-forget Simplicity

We offer a choice of simple, intuitive controls – ranging from the humble ‘dial control’ to include ‘heatapp’ smart control which enables you to manage time, temperature and running costs from your smartphone, tablet, Kindle or computer.

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