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Do you need a new heating system for your property but don’t want the mess and upheaval of installing pipe work? When Mr. and Mrs. Gray renovated their cottage in Newquay, they didn’t like the prospect of ripping everything up to install gas central heating. Neither did they want to give up valuable outdoor space for LPG, Calor Gas or oil tanks.

When we bought it, we knew we had to modernise the place as it had been knocked about. It hadn’t had any care and attention for several years and we wanted to get a lot of things replaced. This included new windows, a modified staircase and new bathrooms. The heating, however, is something that we wanted to get done first.” Said Mr. Gray.

An easy, effective and economical alternative to gas, oil and LPG

After comparing many different types of heating and looking at having gas installed (there’s no gas in the property currently) we decided it would be too much of a rave having everything ripped up to have all of the pipes installed. We also looked at oil heating and Calor Gas. This was a no as there wasn’t very much room outside the property for an oil or LPG tank.”

Steve was always put off by the idea of electric heating due to its association with night storage heaters. The old electric panel heaters situated in the property when he and his wife first moved in didn’t give off the best impression either.

Electric heating wasn’t something we had looked into before. We definitely didn’t want storage heaters or panel heaters. The panel heaters that were here when we bought the place were extremely inefficient and looked like a mess. Also, as it was November, this highlighted how inefficient they were.”

ELKAtherm heating offers ultimate heat control

Then Steve read about Which Trusted Trader, Southwest Heating Solutions and their electric ELKAtherm heaters used in tandem with HeatApp.

We requested a brochure, spoke to a really nice lady and had someone come over to perform a survey”.

After a “helpful and professional” survey, their preconceptions of electric heating and heat control technology were changed.

I was quite apprehensive about using HeatApp on the phone as we’re not used to using technology like that. It’s a bit alien to pressing a button, but it’s just about getting used to it.

These radiators really transformed our idea of electric heating. They’re really efficient, effective and we really like being able to control the heaters when we’re outside the house, for example, when we are in our main home up north.” Steve explained.

We rent this property out as a holiday home. This means we have to make sure the heating can be controlled from wherever we are, especially if people forget to turn the heating off when they leave.”

The recent cold weather in Cornwall also doesn’t worry the Gray’s, as even though when they are out of the county, they can make sure the property is adequately heated with just a few clicks.

They’re really effective, but more than anything from our point of view is the excellent service from the company that we’ve dealt with.

We looked at lots of different companies but it South West Heating who really set the benchmark for others to follow. They are so fast, always around when we needed help and did everything they promised. Nothing is too much trouble. No one working on the house before or since are good as they are!


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