Do you worry that switching your heating system will be a big upheaval? Frank Goff was looking to update his heating with a more modern system that would fit in with his lifestyle. He found switching from Calor Gas to electric heating was easy and hassle free.

“When South West Heating Solutions first mentioned you could control the heating from your computer I wasn’t sure, as I’m not that good with technology,” says Frank.

“I didn’t realise how easy it would be. When you open the app, it is so simple to change the temperatures in different rooms. If you are away you can leave it on a low temperature to protect the property; it’s ideal. Then if you come back early you don’t have to worry about the house being cold. I can control it all on my phone, so we get back to a lovely, warm home.

“It is like someone else is doing it for you. The system resets itself if you have a power cut. It is a very low maintenance system.”

Because there’s no boiler or messy pipework to deal with, installing your new ELKAtherm heating is a quick, simple, one-day job. Your radiators will be covered by a 25-year manufacturers’ guarantee, as well as our 4-year repair service.

In case you do run into problems, or need a little extra support, we have a 24-hour emergency line – so you know help is always at hand.

Frank adds: “There was no upheaval when we had them put in. It is not a messy system in any way and the radiators and easy to keep clean. If you ever get a problem with the system South West Heating Solutions are on hand and can sort the issue very quickly.”


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