Are you struggling to get the temperature ‘just right’ in your home? Is it hot in the morning and freezing by the late afternoon? Louisa from Peter Tavy in Devon had this dilemma before she switched to ELKAtherm electric radiators.

Louisa wanted more control over her heating.

“In our old house we had night storage heaters and whilst they worked OK, it meant that in the morning when I got up it was really hot, but finishing work and coming in at 5pm all the heat was gone from them,” says Louisa.

“My father was Googling to find out new inventions of radiators for his house and South West Heating Solutions sent him a brochure. He passed it on to us and as we were renovating a house we thought we must get in touch. We made an appointment, someone came out and told us how many radiators we would need and because it wasn’t a hard sell that really impressed us. We thought we would need 6-8 radiators and he came and said ‘you don’t need them in the kitchen or the hallway’, turns out they throw out enough heat to do all the rooms.”

Control at the touch of a button

Louisa was keen to have more control over the temperature in different rooms in her home. Our easy-to-use HeatApp, for your computer, tablet or smartphone, puts all the control in your hands.

Louisa adds: “These you can set at 22 degrees and they’ll stay at that, you can programme different temperatures to come on at different times and that’s just the temperature it stays at. I like being able to use it from my phone because I travel a lot. I can be on the train and turn the heating on so it’s lovely and warm when I come in.

“We are so happy with the radiators and the ease of use of them; we have recommended them to people in the village. But what really sold it was South West Heating Solutions, they’re so good, they’re a local firm, you call them they’ve got an answer, they’ll come out if you need them and they’re really friendly.”

You can find out more about our heating control here.

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