All electric appliances, whether they are kettles or radiators, are 100% efficient. All the energy that they take, is expelled for its purpose. However, just because a radiator is letting out all the electricity it uses as heat, it doesn’t mean that you or your house are going to be warm. The reason for this is because the radiator isn’t working in an effective way.

If you are buying electricity to heat your home then you want to be able to choose when, where and how much heat you have. You want this heat to be delivered effectively into your environment, with no cold spots in the room and no worries about expensive heating bills.

To get maximum effectiveness from a radiator, there are key things that you need to look at;

Surface area

For example, an average living room can be heated with a 2kw heater, this is the same consumption as a steam iron, however due to surface area, a steam iron is incapable of heating a room, this illustrates why surface area is crucial to space heating. The larger the surface area of the heater, the better it is at heating a room.

How airflow is distributed

Any heaters designed to heat a space should use basic thermodynamics as a priority as apposed to using additional fans and backup systems. Flute size and radiator height are crucial to enable maximum efficiency and airflow. This reduces room temperature variation between ceiling and floor and prevents cold spots.

Heat retention

As we mentioned previously, all electric heating is 100% efficient. However some systems can not retain energy effectively. Other systems are not only able to retain energy delivered to them, but can release this energy as heat, when required. This can range from high consumption night storage systems, to “dynamic” or “ceramic” radiators like ours, which use a similar principle but with less consumption

Whatever type of heating you use, having effective insulation in your home will help you save money on your energy bills. Draughty areas in the home or poor insulation can mean that your annual energy bill is costing you hundreds of pounds in wasted heat.

There are currently government schemes designed to cut the UK’s energy usage which can directly benefit UK residents. You may be eligible for free insulation for your home, or some help with the cost of getting it done yourself. We can advise you on this, but you can also read about it by visiting the Green Deal webpage. The Green Deal is the government scheme that is taking over from Warm Front

Our heating technicians will soon be qualified to assess properties as domestic and non domestic energy assessors. This means that we will be able to not only recommend and arrange for insulation of additional insulation if required but to accurately calculate the energy usage of our Elkatherm radiator systems in your property. Offering you a unique turn key solution to your heating cost management.

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