Do you spend a lot of time worrying about keeping wood topped up for the fire to heat your home? Or dread coming home to a cold house? Zoe from St Day in Cornwall did for years before deciding to switch to easier and more manageable electric heaters.

Zoe was pleased with the choice of radiator colours

“I was always concerned about my house being damp, mould collecting on the corners of the window sill- it not being any good for the structure,” says Zoe.

“I invited South West Heating Solutions to come to the house to do a survey so I could look at why I would go with the electric heaters, what benefits there would be and whether they would be economical within my house. Neil came and I could tell he had a lot of passion for that type of work, he was very knowledgeable. I felt so comfortable with him and the product, I wanted to sign up. There was no pushiness, no feeling that I was obliged to make a sale there and then. I was very much left to make my own decision with the details provided.

“The installation day all went very well, eight radiators were installed in five hours and there was no mess. Graham, one of the installers, then took about 30 minutes going through the app with me to help me sync up all the different radiators so I could do it in the future.

“It has made my life less stressful as I don’t have to constantly think about having wood for the  fire. Or coming home from work and the house being cold. Now I can control it all there on my app so I’m able to do it remotely before I leave for work. I perhaps turn them on an hour before I come home and the house is toasty.”


Stylish electric heaters

It was important to Zoe that the new electric radiators would not compromise the contemporary style of her home. With 192 colours of ELKAtherm radiators to choose from- there’s every chance of finding your perfect shade.

Zoe adds: “Getting electric heaters through South West Heating Solutions allowed me to pick different coloured radiators for different rooms. That allowed me to keep the design and aesthetic of the house. For a modern living family situation, they’re absolutely perfect!”

You can find out more about our radiator styles and colours here.

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