Barbara wasn’t feeling comfortable in her own home thanks to her ineffective night storage heaters. She couldn’t control the temperature of her house or the times she wanted it heating.

I didn’t like them because it was always too hot in the day time but by the time you sat down in the evening it was cold! You had to open the windows in the morning and the heat had gone by the evening. It was a waste of money as I wanted something much more effective and economical. They weren’t fulfilling the need I had to keep warm. I didn’t have heat when I needed it.

At South West Heating Solutions we encounter people with this exact problem all the time. It was no surprise when Barbara told us the difficulties she was having.

Replacing old night storage heaters has never been easier!

A picture of a bedroom with an Elkatherm heater, perfect to replace old night storage heaters
An example of an ELKAtherm heater

After ordering a brochure, Barbara booked a free, no obligation survey with Neil.

Neil presented it really well. He did convince me that it seemed like a good system. I didn’t have any concerns as I was guided by the advice that I was given.”

Barbara’s new ELKAtherm radiators were soon fitted quickly by South West Heating Solutions professional team of fitters.

They were very efficient with minimum mess and it was done very quickly, they were really good. I thought they would be here for the whole day but they weren’t. I think it was all done in half a day!

Heating at the times you want it, never when you don’t!

Barbara also decided to use HeatApp to control her new heaters which, although she had never used a remote heating control before, has been easy for her to use.

I find that the HeatApp is very easy to use. Also, when I changed my phone and internet broadband hub, Southwest Heating Solutions helped me. It does exactly what you ask it to, I haven’t got any manual controls on my heaters. Actually I didn’t even need instructions, although I thought I might do.”

To read more about controlling your ELKAtherm heaters, click here.

Now Barbera is much more comfortable at home. She has heat when she wants it and can control her heating from wherever she is.

It’s much more comfortable having HeatApp. You can control it easily from wherever you are when you’re out of the house. When I was away recently during the cold weather, I turned it up because once my house gets cold it takes ages to warm up. I like to keep a background heat going.

Before I didn’t have any control, but I do now. I can turn the heating up or down easily, whereas with the old storage heaters you’re stuck with whatever it’s doing.

As well as her new heaters, Barbara was happy with every aspect of the service from Southwest Heating Solutions.

I was impressed with the initial survey, the fitting and I’ve been very happy with it since. I wouldn’t change anything.

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