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Ever wondered why your toes can feel chilly while the heating’s on full? With many kinds of heater, it’s because the warm air is stuck above your head.

In a method approved by British Standard BS EN 60675:1995, the BSRIA used seven sensors to measure the temperature at heights from 30 cm to 2.2 metres, when using an ELKAtherm heater set for 21°C.

They showed just a 0.5°C variation from floor to ceiling, so you’ll have the warmth you want, everywhere.

Download the BSRIA report


How ELKAtherm radiators spread warmth

ELKAtherm radiators heat the whole room evenly thanks to their clever, fluted design.

It gives ELKAtherm five times the effective surface area of other heaters the same size, making the best possible use of your electricity, while helping warm air to circulate by convection.

As well as smaller bills, that means you can choose a smaller radiator – making more of the space in your room – and still have all the warmth you’ll need.

“Even during 2010’s freezing cold December, one radiator kept the chill off all the connecting rooms. I have no hesitation in putting my name to recommending these.”

Mr Coyte, Portreath

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