Have you struggled for years with a heating system that doesn’t really meet your needs? Sandi Adams from Devon said her life has been “transformed” after swapping her 30 year old night storage heaters for electric radiators.

Sandi switched to electric heaters

“The night storage heaters we had were old, they weren’t very efficient and because of their age you couldn’t gauge if the setting was on low or high, so the heating was always on full,” says Sandi.

“We stay in a reverse-living barn conversion where our bedrooms are downstairs, so they were always very cold. On winter mornings I couldn’t get out of bed and go for a shower; I used to put a fan heater on and head upstairs while I waited for the rooms to heat up. We had to plan the heating in advance whenever we wanted to go downstairs. When I think about it now I can’t believe we lived like that for so long.”

Sandi and her husband decided this year they needed to take action and started to look into what heating systems might be suitable for them.

“Our first thought was underfloor heating, but we couldn’t face all that disruption. We found South West Heating Solutions online and arranged for someone to come round for a consultation. I was concerned whether it would be right for us, but I was put at ease immediately when I met Neil.

“The meeting was so easy, he explained everything to us and there was no hard sale. You got a real sense of what you were going to get and that gave us confidence in the company; it felt honest and straightforward. I also like that it is a small local company, you can always get hold of someone and our communication with them was always very personal.”

A heating system that puts the control in your hands

After decades of living with night storage heaters, Sandi says it was important that they found a new heating system they could easily control.

“With night storage heaters, particularly in Spring and Autumn it was impossible to get the heating just right, sometimes we had the heating on all day then if the weather changed we’d have all the windows open to let out the heat we just paid for,” says Sandi.

“Switching our heating really has transformed our lives. I can walk around my entire home without having to adjust my clothing for the first time in 28 years. We can control the temperature of every single room without advance planning.

Sandi can now control her heating in every room.

“I feel like we can live a normal life. I’m sure that’s what other people have already- but we feel like we are in the 21st Century now. I only wish we hadn’t waited so long as the change was immediate.”

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