Are you looking for a way to make your heating more efficient? Jenny, who has a holiday home in the beautiful Cornish village of Sennen, found that switching to electric heating ticked all the boxes for ease and efficiency.

Jenny found switching to electric heating was more efficient.

“We had night storage heaters for 15 years, which were incredibly inefficient- the house was cold. We looked at electric heating, one from an aesthetic point of view and the fact that we could switch them on and off easily. It’s no good to wait for a storage heater to heat up and provide you heat when you don’t really need it or not provide you heat when you do really need it,”says Jenny.

“With electric heaters there was the efficiency, so it was a no-brainer really. We have a very even, ambient temperature throughout the house; it is a pleasure to be here now.

“It was great when my son came down, he wasn’t sure what he was doing with the heating, so I could sit at home and operate it for him. I put the heating on for him in the morning while he was still in bed, which he didn’t know about, but he got up and the house was nice and warm- result!”

A heating supplier you can trust

Jenny was looking for a company that would be on hand should they need any extra support. We’re proud to be part of the Which? Trusted Trader programme, which means we have passed a tough assessment process, giving you more confidence in our service.

Jenny adds: “We have had South West Heating Solutions heaters in place for close to two years and it has been a revelation really. How it has transformed this house has been amazing! They’ve been very professional all the way through.

“They’re a company that have been a pleasure to deal with. It has been great to know it has all been done efficiently and you don’t feel like you’re forgotten about.  There is someone on the end of the phone if you do have any problems.”

You can find out how efficient our electric heaters are here.



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