After several years of being too warm in the mornings and chilly in the evenings, Rev. & Mrs. Richards finally decided that they needed a replacement for their old night storage heaters.

When we had them fitted they were fine, they were the thing to have in 1988!” Mrs. Richards told us.

Mrs. Richards at home with her new electric ELKAtherm heaters

Like many people who found that their night storage used to be acceptable, the lack of control becomes a source of annoyance when you can’t get heat at the times you want.

You don’t have heat when you want it. In the throes of winter they were fine, but in autumn and spring they are difficult to control. You had to have them on overnight if you wanted to use them the next day, so for instance today, if it had been a cold day and you wanted heating, you couldn’t because you didn’t have them on in the night!”

Rev. & Mrs. Richards wanted to replace the heating throughout their property, so they started looking for an effective solution. This was when Mrs. Richards found Southwest Heating Solutions and read about the modern German-made electric ELKAtherm radiators.

Heat when you need it, without having to predict the weather!

I was quite taken with them. I thought this might be good for us. I remember thinking it would be lovely to be able to turn on the heating and have immediate heat instead of our night storage. I was quite excited about that. To turn the heating on and have heat in 15 minutes was great!

Thanks to the huge surface area provided by the discreet fluted surface of the Elkatherm radiators, the heat carries through the internal non-porous ceramic bricks, spreading extremely quickly and evenly throughout the room. This means that you feel the heat very quickly after turning them on.

The availability of immediate heat and the separate control over individual rooms was great because that was the disadvantage of the night storage heaters.”

It also means that now the Richards’ are paying for heat when they want to use it, and not when they don’t.

I wouldn’t say I’ve noticed our bills have changed much from our old night storage heaters, but, the heat is there when we want it instead of when we didn’t want it. I feel like our home is more comfortable. In fact, if I would have my time over again I would have had them done earlier.

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